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Kawairun 2

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Kawairun 2 is a very popular game for two players. Here you have to use your reaction skills, because of one task - run, jump, duck and try to run as far as possible. Run around, dodging obstacles in a time challenge, or race with your opponent in funny costumes. You have a choice: take part in a race with random opponents or your friends in the multiplayer version, or on the same computer alone or together with a friend. Choose the looks of game characters and get into sprint with obstacles. The newest version of the popular Kawairun game has come with various innovations. You can earn money and points by winning races, to develop your character and your level. Show all your skills in running, jumping, and coups in several companies that you have to pass. Press «Play» button after the game loads. If you want to play as a guest, click on “Play As Guest”, and then press the “Campaign “, if you wish to play in single player mode. You can purchase improvements, clothing, jewelry and many more with the money you earn by pressing the "Store". The protagonist is the professional runner who has decided to participate in the most dangerous race that could cost him his life. Consequently you will be responsible for helping him to avoid collisions, adjust running speed, and earn money on the run. The goal - to run to the finish line first. The better you run the more bonuses you get. Between races you can go to the store and buy our hero beautiful and comfortable clothes for jogging. Show all onlookers who is daddy, running the whole distance excellently! The game has a large number of costumes and hats to them, so that the player can once again differentiate Kawairun 2 from other runners. They can be combined to create a look you like. Kawairun 2 has a section lottery in the main menu where you will turn the wheel of fortune to win various prizes. Prizes can include free costumes, as well as cash prizes. But, non-prize cells can fall either, so it's time to test you on luck. The game Kawairun 2 has quite a lot of levels and most of them are simple, but there exist very complex ones. In the first level, in the village, you are shown what to do and what keys to press to speed up. As soon as you pass the first level, you will open a survival mode. In this mode, you just need to run through all the levels, overcoming obstacles and score the most points. But from the second level in the caves, everything becomes much more interesting. Kawairun 2 has only a few keystrokes. How to use them you'll see during the game. Jump and double jump - up arrow key ,to slide and roll - down arrow key, left and right arrow keys - acceleration and deceleration. In one PC competition mode, the second player controls the character with the W, A, S, D keys. In general Kawairun 2 - is an interesting sports game, wish you a nice race.